New website defends Andrew Delke, portrays Daniel Hambrick as violent felon

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A new website defends a Metro-Nashville police officer charged with murder while attacking the man he killed. The site positions Daniel Hambrick, who was shot and killed in July 2018, as a violent, convicted felon.   

The web address is, named for the officer facing a first-degree murder charge.   

Unadvertised and unknown, until now, the page undoubtedly has a motive. It depicts Hambrick as the dangerous felon who pointed a gun at officer Andrew Delke.   

“A convicted felon pointed a gun at a police officer and that police officer has been arrested for that,” FOP president, James Smallwood said one month ago, defending the Delke.  

Smallwood stated his case for Delke after the officer was indicted for murder. Nashville’s Fraternal Order of Police is identified on the bottom of the page, but the group would not confirm any responsibility for the site as of Tuesday night.  

Online pictures show Hambrick with drugs, a gun, and cash, despite court records specifying Delke had no knowledge of Hambrick or his criminal record before the deadly shooting.  

“The only thing Daniel was trying to do was get away,” said Hambrick family attorney, Joy Kimbrough. “He was trying to run, he was literally running for his life.”  

Prosecutors have said, Hambrick was not a threat to Delke. A TBI agent has testified it would not have been possible for Hambrick to point the pistol at Delke.  It’s a moment alleged to have happened off camera.   

Delke’s defense argues, he followed his training, and Hambrick could have fired the loaded gun he was carrying, hitting the metro officer or anyone else within range.  

Delke is out of jail, on bond. He has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.  

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