LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Land that was once home to a farm is what Jamie Farough remembers off Double Log Cabin Road in Lebanon.

“I grew up on this road,” she said. “I’ve watched it change over the years, so I also understand the sense of sadness of letting go how things have always been.”

However, a new change is coming that Farough is excited for.

“This school is a place our community, the LaGuardo community, will be proud of for years to come,” she said.

Instead of a farm, the land will now hold a new 127,000 square-foot elementary school named after the small community it lies in.

“Things have changed rapidly in the last 20 years,” said Travis Mayfield.

Mayfield is the deputy director of operations for Wilson County Schools and said growth has not only impacted the county, but the county’s school system as well, particularly West Elementary School that’s currently over capacity.

“This new school here in LaGuardo will directly alleviate the congestion from West Elementary in building this new area,” he said.

LaGuardo Elementary will have 45 classrooms and a gym holding just over 1,000 students.

Designs of the LaGuardo Elementary School (Source: Wilson County Schools)

It will be the 11th elementary school the school district builds with funding for the project coming from district school bonds.

More schools are in the works, including plans to use more of this land to build a new middle school in the future.

While change can be hard, Farough knows it’s all needed to help current and future students in Wilson County.

“I just want to see the students that are here and the students that come here be successful and be able to contribute to the community like the former students of Wilson County have,” she said.

The new elementary school is expected to open in the fall of 2025.