NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville International Airport police have a message for anyone trying to smuggle contraband into Nashville International Airport; Don’t do it. You will be apprehended.

That was the case once again after a Los Angeles man tried to send 16 pounds of marijuana through his luggage.

It happened Wednesday afternoon. That’s when investigators say Bobby Anthony flew to Nashville from LAX.

Bobby Anthony (Photo: Metro-Nashville Police Department)

The airport has six bomb dogs and recently added two brand new drug dogs.

One of the drug-sniffing K9’s hit on Anthony’s luggage as it was being taken off the Southwest jet.

When Anthony took his bag off the luggage carousel, undercover agents intercepted him.

Officers got consent to search and quickly found 16 pounds of high-grade marijuana. The pot was hidden in two vacuum-sealed bundles.

BNA police Chief David Griswold told News 2 catching contraband is important to maximize safety and security.

“Our main thing is to have a safe and secure airport. If you are moving drugs through here you could be moving something else much worse.”

Over the last few months, airport police have seized multiple shipments of drugs and other contraband.

A list released by the police department indicates that in the last 12 months, BNA Police have seized, approximately 600 pounds of marijuana, 800 THC pens, one pound of meth, six ounces of cocaine, and five ounces of heroin.

Chief Griswold says, “Our main focus is to make this a safe and secure airport and if you are coming through here with a large amount of drugs, some people might make this as a test thing to see if they can get something worse through, so we make those arrests and make sure they have a record on them,” said the chief.

“The poundage is coming through and we are getting a lot of cash coming through our dogs are hitting on and they’ll transport the money in the same bags they put the pot in and the dogs will hit on the money and so we are making a lot of cash seizures also,” said Chief Griswold.

Meanwhile Bobby Anthony has reportedly bonded out of jail charged with intent to sell and deliver.