WARREN COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — News 2 got a closer look at what sparked a 70-acre fire in Warren County earlier this week, forcing many to evacuate, as well as the man who is behind bars in connection with the blaze.  

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture announced on Wednesday, Oct. 26 that the massive fire — which was first reported by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department on Monday, Oct. 24 along Isha Lane — was “100% contained. However, officials will continue to monitor the fire.

Meanwhile, Robert Vincent Halter, a 57-year-old Wisconsin native, has been arrested and charged with reckless burning, criminal trespassing, arson, and vandalism of property, according to authorities.

“Right over here is where we found his stuff. We found it just over the woodline,” Warren County Sgt. Tyler Glenn said with a point as he provided News 2 with a first-hand look at the campground on an ATV. 

Halter was reportedly booted from the property in the 900 block of Isha Lane weeks before the fire. 

“Some of the things that he was doing and saying made us uncomfortable, and also he wasn’t willing to go by the guidelines of the center to be here,” explained Kaniappan Senthilkumar, a director at Isha.

According to officials, Halter was the subject of a call at the Isha location on Oct. 8, during which time he was asked to leave and wouldn’t do so until law enforcement responded to the scene.

“He was refusing and being stubborn, so we had to call the sheriff’s department and they came and escorted him out,” Senthilkumar said.

However, Halter apparently didn’t go far, according to Senthilkumar.

“All that we know is that he kind of hung around on the highway for a couple of days,” he said.

It’s unknown how long Halter had been on the property before volunteers saw smoke Monday morning.

“In the thick of the smoke, as we were scrambling to find where the source of the fire is and trying to evaluate the extent of fire, we saw this man — actually I bumped into him first — his shirt off and trying to put his jacket on the fire,” Senthilkumar recalled.

Once again, Halter refused to leave the area.

After being taken into custody, Halter reportedly told investigators he started a campfire that lost control.

“The two stories we have is one, that he got upset because he was kicked off the property and he made multiple fires. Those can’t be proven true, but what he has told us is that in the middle of the night, he was extremely cold, he created a campfire. When he went to put out it out, the fire, he lost control of it and it spread,” Glenn told News 2.

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Halter, who is being held on a $47,500 bond, is set to appear for his second arraignment on Nov. 1 and his preliminary hearing on Nov. 15, according to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department.

“It’s very unfortunate, and we don’t know what was the thought process behind this,” said Senthilkumar. “It could be pure accident or it could be something more.”

The investigation into the reckless burning incident is still active, officials said.