New book helps kids understand masks amid COVID-19 pandemic

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — For the last three months, wearing and seeing masks in public has become a part of normal life. But for children, it can still be intimidating and scary. That’s why local mom and author has written a new book to help teach kids about the importance of wearing face masks. Sara Jo Walker’s book is called “Let’s Talk About Masks,” and she wrote the book initially with her own children in mind.

“I wanted a simple picture book that would help normalize the concept of masks and help me introduce that concept to them,” said Walker.

Walker said she got the idea after a trip to the grocery store. “I remember being in the grocery store in March, I had on a winter coat, zipped up to my chin, a mask on, and everyone had masks on, and you couldn’t see friendly smiles and everyone just kind of looked like zombies. It was scary and I had a panic attack. I remember thinking if this is scary for me, then this has got to be scary for my children when we re-enter the world,” said Walker.

She also said it was important for her to put real pictures in the book. “We went back and forth about whether to use illustrations or not, and when it came down to it, this is a real issue and a real thing children will see. So I wanted them to see real people wearing masks. So it was important for me to see that everyday people have been wearing masks for a long time. Doctors, veterinarians, astronauts, scuba divers, we go into several professions that require masks. And it just reminds children masks are normal and even superheroes wear masks.”

The target age for the book is about 2-7 years old. It’s available now on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.

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