Neighbors say abandoned Antioch car wash being used as dumping site

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An abandoned car wash in Antioch has turned into a trash dump and neighbors say they can’t get anyone to take responsibility. 

Dora Gilley lives next door to the car wash on the corner of Anderson Road and Old Smith Springs. 

“It is disgusting. Look at this…see boxes of food and then look at that, that big bag is somebody coming and dumping over here on purpose,” she explained while walking on the property. 

Bags of trash and a number of household items are overflowing out of the trashcans, other trash littered about on the property and the dumpster filled to the brim with a TV beside it.  

Not only is it an eyesore to those that drive pass the mess, but the trash is blowing over into neighbors’ yards. 

“When the wind blows it’s coming over to my side,” said Gilley.  

She is having to clean it up regularly 

“It’s everywhere and this is every day.”  

Delishia Porterfield also lives in the area.  

“It’s disgusting. It doesn’t represent what our community stands for. We’ve been working for years to keep our community clean so seeing something like that is very disheartening,” said Porterfield.  

She says it’s been an issue for about a month since the car wash closed for business.  

“The car wash is in the process of going through foreclosure so it’s in the process of going to the bank so the bank should be responsible for cleaning it up. However, if it’s not a local bank it’s hard to get them invested in this process. So right now, our neighbors need to contact codes in order to get it cleaned up and codes can go through the process of reaching out to the bank and get the property cleaned up.”  

Gilley says while the business is closed, the water still runs, drawing people to continue using the facility. She says it needs to be shut off and the business fenced off for now.  

The Metro Beautification Commissioner for the area tells us she plans to get in touch with the bank that owns the property.  

Meanwhile, neighbors are organizing a cleanup for the property Tuesday. 

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