WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Neighbors are pushing for a noise ordinance in Wilson County after dozens of complaints were called in against a local church.   

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office told News 2 they have received 97 noise complaints since Nov. 30, 2022, with 90 of those for Global Vision Bible Church.   

Currently, there is no noise ordinance in place in Wilson County. 

David Weiss said on Sundays, he can hear Global Vision Bible Church from a mile away. Worship services are held underneath a large tent.  

“The noise is loud enough where I can’t even listen to my TV. Honestly, I would like an ordinance passed on noise. They need to be good neighbors. I have no problem with what they want to do but it should not impede on us,” said Becky Libby, a neighbor of Weiss.  

Libby and Weiss have signed an online petition calling for a noise ordinance in Wilson County. The online petition now has more than 1,400 signatures. 

“The fact that over 1,000 people agree with me tells me I am not off my rocker,” Weiss said.  

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, Pastor Greg Locke with Global Vision Bible Church addressed the complaints. 

“We are really trying to be good neighbors. We have never, can everyone shout never? We have never violated a sound ordinance in our church,” Locke said during a worship service. 

During the service, Locke announced the church is now planning to put up a new tent that is much thicker and will hold sound in.   

“It’s going to cost us a half million dollars that will last many, many years and is going to keep the neighbors from being upset, and we are going to let this community know that we are doing everything that we can to be good neighbors, we really are, but they can’t tell us not to hold church,” Locke said.

“We are not telling them they can’t hold services or exist or can’t be here — just behave like a good neighbor. It’s a fairly simple principal. Just treat others how you would like to be treated,” Weiss said.  

According to Locke’s worship service from Wednesday, the church plans to move inside a new tent the first Sunday of February.   

A Wilson County commissioner said a noise ordinance has been in the works and the law enforcement commission committee has been meeting with the county attorney on the language.