NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – From cars zooming by to drag racing, Brittany Cyr and other residents who live on Strouse Avenue say speeding is out of control.  

“It’s a ticking time bomb,” Cyr said. “I have seen cars pull up right next to each other and race up Strouse.”  

“They just get out here and think it’s a race track,” said neighbor Theresa Hassett.  

The neighborhood sits behind Lincoln College of Technology, an automotive school. Cyr and other neighbors say speeders are mostly students from the school. 

“They got on that blue uniform,” Hassett said.  

After talking to school administration and Metro Police, neighbors started recording drivers on their cell phones, trying to catch speeders in the act. 

“I don’t know if speed bumps are the answer, traffic study, stop signs instead of yield signs,” Cyr said.  

Jim Coakley, president of Lincoln College of Technology, says the school doesn’t condone speeding or driving recklessly around the neighborhood.  

Coakley says they’ve asked police to do extra patrols around campus. He says the school also urges neighbors to get tag numbers of speeders and report the information to police.  

Coakley says when students are caught driving recklessly, they are expelled.   

Neighbors say until something changes, they’re keeping close watch of their children and are staying inside.  

“I need to see more action out of the school for me to feel comfortable even walking,” Cyr said.