CUNNINGHAM, Tenn. (WKRN) – In the Clarksville suburb of Cunningham, neighbors recently have been concerned about a goose at a local pond that had the hooks of a fishing lure stuck in its foot.

They contacted News 2 and Meteorologist Davis Nolan made the trip up to Cunningham Thursday to check it out.

Pictures Courtesy of Debbie Kennedy

These pictures show the fishing lure that has been stuck in the goose’s foot. Neighbors said it has been this way for several weeks. The goose also has goslings. Since both male and female geese tend to their young, it is unclear whether the mother or father is the one with the lure stuck in its foot.

The pond is near Montgomery Central High School. Dale Swaw went to high school there, and so did his kids and grandkids.

“Trying to save a goose, that may sound strange, but we’re trying to save a goose,” Swaw remarked. “She has got a fishing lure that’s about this long stuck inside her foot, and we’re just trying to get somebody to come out here and catch her and try to get it out, and we haven’t had any luck calling anybody, but I did see the game warden here yesterday evening.”

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency said that they are aware of the goose, but has been unable to catch it so far.

However, there may be some hope! When Davis went there Thursday, he could not find the goose with a fishing lure, but saw one that had a limp.

“I’m not sure, but I think we’ve seen her,” Swaw said. “I think we’ve seen her, and I think that was her. It may be out of her foot now.”

So the hope is that the hook has come loose and the lure has fallen out. Regardless, the neighbors said they will certainly keep track and let News 2 know.