OLD HICKORY, Tenn. (WKRN) — The NEXRAD Doppler Radar at the National Weather Service in Old Hickory has served us well through every severe weather and flooding event since 1995, including the 1998 Nashville Tornado, the 2010 Flood, and the March 2020 tornadoes (just to mention a few). Now, it’s time for maintenance so it can serve us for another twenty-five years, or so.

The maintenance started today with the removal of the radome. That’s the big fiberglass sphere that protects the radar from the elements. It was quite an operation to have a crane lift it off of the tower and lower it to the ground.

“They took the dome off so they could easily get to all the interior stuff,” explained Faith Borden, National Weather Service Meteorologist. “But, they are actually going to replace and rebuild the pedestal which holds the dish. They’ll clean all the bolts. They’ll clean everything that needs to be done, and then they’ll eventually put it all back together. And then we’ll have it for the next twenty-five or thirty years, or so.”

Courtesy of Terry Barron

Work on the radar will continue through next Friday, August 12th. Meanwhile, on the News 2 Stormtracker Radar Network we will be utilizing the Doppler Radar at Ft. Campbell, as well as the FAA’s Terminal Doppler Radar located in Nolensville, the National Weather Service radar in Hytop, Alabama, and also the National Weather Service radars in Paducah and Memphis.

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