NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – We have so many things in Nashville that people in other cities would love to have, and with all the growth we’re experiencing, you can expect a lot more soon.

More parks, more events and more businesses are just a few of the positive things that the population boom is bringing to our city.

“We are at the point where a lot of positive factors come together. We have a strong business community, we have a strong creative community, we’re very diverse and we have a strong educational community, lots of startups, lots of forward motion,” said Craig Owensby with the Metro Planning Department.

Riverfront Landing Park on the Cumberland River opened a year and a half ago, and is just one example of what makes Nashville’s park system stand out above the rest.

“We have an outstanding park system, and as part of drawing up the general plan for the next 20 plus years, until 2040, it became very apparent that parks are very important to community members,” explained Owensby.

And you can’t go near downtown without seeing progress.

“As these companies come in, or as they expand, or as they move forward, the whole community gets stronger. And it’s not about cranes and concrete and traffic as much as it is about what’s actually getting done in those buildings and what’s actually happening in the community to help it move forward,” Owensby told News 2.

The more Nashville advances and the more popular it gets it gives everyone who lives here even more to do. There are concerts and events in Nashville every night and there aren’t many places you can say that about.

“For decades people were scared to play Nashville. Country artists didn’t want to be embarrassed at home if it didn’t sell, and there are other genres that thought it was just a country town, so they stayed away, but we have overcome that in spades. The stadium is attractive, the arena is attractive, Ascend has killed it, Municipal is starting to come back to life. I mean, Sting coming to Municipal Auditorium – who would’ve thought that a year ago? Nobody,” said Butch Spyridon with Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp.

Proving how strong ticket sales are here, some artists are even booking two shows in a row. Thomas Rhett, Eric Church, Ed Sheeran, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Luke Bryan, and Dave Matthews are all playing back to back nights.

Tennessee is also only one of 22 states with a NFL team.

The Predators are based in Nashville, baseball fans have the Sounds, and now soccer fans have more to love.

Spyridon said, “We’re certainly recognized as an up and coming soccer city. In addition to having a Gold Cup match earlier in the month, we’re going to close the month out with two teams from a premiere league, the best of the best in the world, and it’s kind of a cool event for Nashville, it’s certainly a first of its kind.”

Since the Music City Center opened in 2013, we’ve landed even more events, exclusive to one city, once a year.

“We wouldn’t have booked the long-term SEC commitment without the convention center, we wouldn’t have booked the NHL All-Star game without the center, and we wouldn’t have booked the Women’s Final Four,” Spyridon told News 2.

Because of that continued success, the Music City Center is now getting a $20 million upgrade.

Officials say if Nashville keeps taking care of what we have, and keep expanding the boundaries, the best is yet to come.Click here for more Nashville 2017 stories