Nashville’s Community Oversight Board investigating controversial traffic stop

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Among their first cases, Metro’s new police oversight board will be investigating a traffic stop that appears to turn violent.

On July 3, a woman posted surveillance video from the Z-Mart on Dickerson Pike. The woman claims the officer said her tags were expired, so she got out of her car to check them.

At almost two minutes into the video, the officer appears to slam the woman against the car.

Metro police identified the officer as Ofc. Barrett Teague and said he’s on desk duty while they do their own investigation.

Meanwhile, the Nashville Community Oversight Board says they’ll begin their investigation by speaking to witnesses.

“At the gas station, there were several other witnesses pumping gas, buying things and that sort…so we want to locate them as well,” said William Weeden, Executive Director of the Board. “So we can speak to them about what they observed.”

Last fall, a voter petition was filed requesting a Community Oversight Board and Nashvillians voted in favor of more police oversight.

Less than six months from its conception, the Z-Mart traffic stop will be the board’s first major case.

“The most important thing is that you want to be thorough and fair in your investigation,” Weeden said.

Weeden added that the board staff could spend up two months or more doing investigative work.

“Once our investigation is completed, we’ll make a resolution report that we pass along to the Board,” he explained. “Whatever that determination is, the Board at that point can accept the recommendation or reject the recommendation.”

The Board cannot discipline officers but it can make recommendations to the Metro police Cheif Steve Anderson.

“In this situation, we are dedicated to resolving the situation as timely as possible,” Weeden said.

Weeden said that the Board does plan to speak with the officer who was involved but that will probably happen after they speak with other witnesses.

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