NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tennessee is on track for the worst year in at least a decade for pedestrian deaths, and after being hit following a night out, three friends are thankful they are not part of that statistic.

Julie Bostian, Gary Bendar and David Diamond were having a night out at Never Never Bar in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood and were hit by a black Mustang while the car at the corner of Houston Street and Pillow Street, according to Metro police.

“Up until that point, it was a pretty amazing night. Just singing, dancing, goofy stuff,” Diamond said.

All three said they are bruised and sore but doing well and recovering.

“A couple of days after there are more blues than blacks, but we are coming out of it I think,” Diamond said.

Metro police said all three were hit, but specified that Bostian was thrown on her back into the middle of the street and Bendar rolled over the top of the car before landing on the asphalt.

Bostian said she is bruised from her shoulders down and had to cut her hair short after the incident.

However, they are facing injuries that can’t be seen through a screen.

“I went out of the house for the first time this morning. My husband was driving of course and I reached out and grabbed at him as a car was pulling in front of us and he was like, ‘you’re probably going to feel that for a little bit,'” Bostian said, “My initial reaction was just to freak out, which just is not normal for me to do that.”

Diamond said for the first time in his decade of living in Music City, he is thinking about his own safety and security differently.

“This is the first time that I’ve been out and like, ‘Hey! That was like a touch of evil,’ and not what I typically associate with Nashville and going out and Nashville and being in Nashville,” he said.

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They said they still can’t wrap their heads around how someone just drives away after a hit-and-run.

“That someone would leave us laying in the middle of the street, hurt, and not stop or check on us that is probably the most shocking out of all of it,” Bostian said. “Accidents happen whether it was distracted or drunk, but you can’t run over three people and not know.”

The business owner whose security video captured the incident said he has been warning his councilmember this is a dangerous street for pedestrians.

“I multiple times said to Colby, ‘someone is going to die, this street is too narrow, there are too many people and here we are,'” said Clean Plate Club owner Chris Holmes.

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The Metro councilmember who oversees the area where the incident occurred said he has been working to make Houston Street a one-way road and got the application to do so approved in September.

“[Y]et nothing has been done since: no striping, signage, or change of traffic flow. I’ve been constantly checking in since then and still nothing has changed…This is unacceptable, as signage could have been in place months ago,” said Councilmember Colby Sledge. “If Houston St. had already been one-way by now, this incident would not have happened, because that car would not have been there.”

According to NDOT, there are plans to convert Houston Street to a one-way, which was proposed by the area developer. A spokesperson for the department said they hope to have that plan by the end of the week for the team to review.