NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man who spoke to News 2 said he witnessed the deadly shooting outside a Nashville liquor store Thursday night that claimed the life of a security guard.

Kevin Knight checked out of Frugal MacDougal Thursday night and got back inside of his car. Moments later, he said he watched the altercation unfold between the suspect and the security guard right before his eyes.

“They were struggling with each other and then both of them went to the ground like directly in front of my car,” Knight said.

Seconds later…

“I heard a gunshot,” Knight said.

Metro police say the suspect, identified as 40-year-old Randy Levi, grabbed security guard Scott Meek’s gun during the physical altercation and shot him.

“The guard was still on the ground, the other guy got up and started shooting towards the store,” Knight said.

In shock as to what just happened, Knight said he took cover, not knowing if the gunman would come for him next.

“I backed up really slow, keeping my eye on the shooter,” Knight said.

Hearing the police sirens in the distance, Knight said he had a sigh of relief.

“They all pulled up and charged the building. They were working on the guard trying to resuscitate him,” Knight said.

That’s when three Metro officers rushed into the liquor store.

The suspect started firing at one of the officers. The officers then returned fire hitting the suspect.

A very close call is how Knight describes Thursday. He said things could have gone much differently.

“If I would’ve let the three young ladies make their purchase before then I would have been in the store and they would’ve been outside. I would have been in the store when he came back in that store shooting,” Knight said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has issued warrants for Levi’s arrest.

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He is still in the hospital, being monitored by Metro police. He will face a criminal homicide charge for Meek’s murder upon his release.