NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — This past weekend’s winter storm has left broken pipes and water mains throughout the Nashville area. Metro Water Services is working to find the leaks that are wasting water.

According to Metro Water Services, 147 million gallons of water were used on Tuesday, Dec. 27. Typically, the metro area uses 90 million gallons of water.

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After fixing the leaks they could find, they are reporting 127 million gallons of water used Thursday. That amount of water is equivalent to 132 Olympic size swimming pools.

“We believe the leak is coming from a 24-inch rupture line near the water treatment facility,” Metro Water Services Public Information Officer Sonia Allman said. “Our crews are working around the clock to identify and repair the leaks.”

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The Nashville Fire Department and the Office of Emergency Management assisted Metro Water Services in searching for the leaks underwater. A helicopter was also used in the search.

However, according to Allman, due to the cold weather, divers could not find the leak.

Metro Water Services asks anyone who sees a leak to report it. You can also check their outage map by clicking here.