NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville edition of Monopoly is in the works, and the game makers need your help to fill the spaces. 

Tuesday morning, city and game officials announced a Nashville-centric version of the iconic board game is coming later this year. 

Brooke Gorman, Sales Executive with Top Trumps, who produces the city-specific editions of the games with Hasbro, said she was excited for the new version, as it was one of the first projects she pitched with Top Trumps. 

Nashville monopoly game announcement
Nashville monopoly game announcement (WKRN photo)

“This is so exciting for me, because I’ve been in love with Nashville ever since I was little,” she said. “There’s just so much history. I’m just so excited to be working on this city edition of Monopoly.” 

As part of the development process, Gorman said she would be looking to the Nashville community to suggest spaces for the board. 

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“Of course, we need the locals’ and the community’s recommendations for what they would like to see on the game,” she said. 

Over the next month, Gorman said, Nashvillians can send their suggestions to The suggestions can be anything, from well-known landmarks like the Parthenon, the Batman Building or Ryman Auditorium, or more local secrets, such as dry cleaners or dive bars. 

Nashville monopoly game announcement
Nashville monopoly game announcement (WKRN photo)

“We would be happy to make the best possibly Monopoly board that we can,” she said. 

The announcement was made with Vice Mayor Jim Shulman in attendance, who thanked Gorman and the Hasbro/Top Trumps team for finally choosing Nashville to receive its own Monopoly board. 

“This is a very, very cool thing for Nashville, and we really do want people to participate in the next 30 days and give us ideas on what they think should be on the board,” he said. 

Shulman said Monopoly has been in his life and family in a few different ways, showing off his own personalized version of the game gifted to him for his 60th birthday. 

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“These are really, really unique,” he said of the games. “They’re a lot of fun.” 

The vice mayor also said Nashville was the perfect place to have its own version of the game, as the city has risen to the ranks of any other major city in the country.  

“It’s the perfect place, Nashville, to do this, because we have so many interesting things that can go on that board,” he said. 

Following the month-long suggestion period, Gorman said the game will be ready to launch by the first of October. At that time, she and the Monopoly team—including Mr. Monopoly himself—will be back in Nashville to celebrate the newest city-edition of Monopoly with the rest of Nashville. 

Nashville monopoly game announcement
Nashville monopoly game announcement (WKRN photo)

For now, Gorman said Nashvillians and tourists alike could snap a photo with Mr. Monopoly, as the character will be sticking around Nashville for the rest of the week. Anyone who runs into him is encouraged to say hello and grab a photo, Gorman said.