NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Drivers continue to hit the roadways in treacherous snow conditions Thursday all throughout Middle Tennessee.

In West Nashville, cars were spinning out, sliding off the roads and many cars were left abandoned.

“Cars everywhere. There’s a lot of snow. I mean they are trying their best to clean them out to keep them clean; this weather is crazy,” Francisco Diaz told News 2.

He was among several people helping stranded motorists after his job closed for the day.

“We do all of the concrete work. We got shut down because of the snow and I was heading out. There were two trucks. They couldn’t go nowhere, so I just pushed them to the side and one of them wanted me to pull them to their house, so I grabbed some chains and I pulled them out and he’s home and I’m home,” he explained.

Michael C. O’Brien was also out working when he helped some stranded drivers.

“Grabbed my chain. Actually over here behind Kroger, I had to help somebody just so they could get home, stay warm and, you know, we do what we can,” he said.

Others posted on neighborhood social media platforms volunteering to help those who needed it.

The conditions only expected to worsen as night falls and temperatures drop.