NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville family says they are lucky to be alive after a car veered off the road and they narrowly escaped being hit.

The family of four said they are fortunate enough to walk away from the scene, although it has emotionally scarred them.

On Wednesday evening, the Chance family went on their nightly walk around their neighborhood on James Avenue in West Nashville.

They say what happened next was unthinkable.

Sarah and Josh Chance say they, along with their two children, narrowly escaped death.

“It’s been far more scarring emotionally than we had anticipated,” Josh said.

A car veered off the road and onto the sidewalk, barreling directly toward their baby stroller. That is when the two parents shoved the stroller off the sidewalk into the ravine within inches of the car hitting them.

“We tumbled down several feet to the very bottom. The driver sped off,” Sarah said.

While searching for their dog that ran off during the crash, Josh came across the driver who had pulled over about a block away from the incident.

“I confronted the man and said do you realize you just almost killed me and my family,” Josh said.

That’s when Josh says things escalated.

“This man was very intoxicated, on some sort of substance and the man exited his car and tried to physically assault me,” Josh said.

The Chances have a 3-year-old boy and a 16-month-old baby girl.

Overcoming another life obstacle, their daughter Charlie is now in remission.

“All I could think about as the car was coming towards us was we didn’t come this far in her cancer journey to be hit and killed by a reckless driver,” Sarah said.

Metro police responded to the scene. They say no arrests have been made and the crash is still under investigation.

“We are hoping we can continue our neighborhood walks without fear,” Josh said.

The family tells News 2 they want action taken.

They believe speed bumps, along with a four-way stop on James Avenue, need to be implemented. They also say they don’t want this driver to have any more close calls with anyone else.

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“We want to make sure this person does not endanger any more people’s families,” Sarah said.