NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday, some Florida evacuees watched on their phones and TVs from Nashville. From those vacationing in Music City now stranded, to those that had plans to vacation in Florida and rerouted their trips to Nashville, there’s no shortage of visitors downtown with their eyes on the path of the storm.

“We battened down the hatches, we got our house, everything you can do for hurricane shelters and everything and we left,” Peggy Eden who lives in Cape Coral told News 2.

A vacation to Nashville was one Eden and her group had planned for months, but now they can’t get home.

“I’m having to extend my hotel nights because I can’t fly back to Florida now,” her friend Jeffery Rousey explained.

Eden, who admits she would rather be home, is now left worrying about what she will return home to.

“It’s scary that we are not there,” she said. 

Another group of friends downtown told News 2 that their vacation started in Tampa before heading down to the Siesta Keys.

“It’s nothing to mess around with,” said Fran Chamberlain.

Like millions of others, his group was soon forced to evacuate.

“They called us and said we had to get out.”

Instead of returning home to Pennsylvania, they headed to Nashville to take advantage of their already planned trip.

“We just packed up the truck, no sleep just let’s go, so Nashville bound we came,” Nanette Montalvan explained.

The group said it was a chaotic drive out of the Sunshine State that took 23 hours to get to Nashville.

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“The traffic and the accidents and the people just all rushing to get out it was so dangerous. It was extremely crazy, I never saw anything like it before,” said Montalvan.

She and her friends are still watching the weather closely with family still hunkering down in Florida.

“It’s really hard to get in touch with anybody so we are just waiting to see you know what happens.”