NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A school busload of kids is safe thanks in part to Metro Police Aviation Teams who were following a dangerous felon from the air and noticed the school bus enter the takedown zone.

It happened Tuesday afternoon in North Nashville.

That’s when Metro police were following Eric Blivens, 25, from below and above.

According to MNPD, Blevins was wanted for domestic assault and outstanding warrants. He has a violent history with guns dating back to 2016.

On Tuesday, MNPD found him and was about to take him down in a felony stop, when suddenly a school bus full of kids entered the neighborhood, and children began exiting the bus and walking home.

“You know we are able to slow things down from the air,” said Lt. Tommy Durbin of Metro Police Aviation. “We can see a lot more than ground units can.”

According to Metro police, the 25-year-old was known to carry weapons, and it turns out, he had three loaded handguns on this day.

According to Lt. Tommy Durbin, when the Metro chopper pilot spotted the bus and the kids, he quickly told ground units to back down and wait till the children were out of harm’s way.

“As we were watching the suspect on the ground, we noticed a school bus pull up discharging children into the area. So we called the ground units and asked them to hold off for a little bit while those kids were offloading,” Lt. Durbin said. “Then we maintained a visual in the area, to make sure those kids were out of the way, and ensure their safety before we moved in to make the arrest on this very dangerous and violent person.”

When the children were no longer in harm’s way, aviation officers discreetly followed Blivens and after he parked, and before he knew what was happening, ground units swooped in, and the wanted man was under arrest without incident.

Though they were high above the action, aviation officers say they take pride in the uneventful arrest.

“If we do our job right, nobody should know we are there. We all walk away with a sense of pride when a bad guy is taken into custody,” Lt. Durbin said. “Nobody is hurt. That is what we are here for. To serve the public, make sure everyone is safe and take the bad guys off the street. And we did it without incident. We do it daily, and this is why the city pays for helicopters and that is why we are here.”

According to MNPD, Blivens had three weapons in his possession when he was arrested. Two of those guns were stolen from parked cars.

Metro police say by removing your weapons from your car, a violent offender like Blivens has no access to a free firearm.

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Metro police say Blivens is being held with no bond and could be federally prosecuted.