NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro police are looking for a suspect who fired shots outside several popular bars on Demonbreun Street early Wednesday morning.

Officers said the responded to a shots fired call just before 1 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in the 1500 block of Demonbreun Street.

Dramatic security video captured the moments before and during the shooting.

Multiple shots fired can be heard from Smoke House Market’s security camera on Demonbreun Street. The video showed it was between a man standing on the street wearing a white shirt, and a silver Chevrolet Camaro.

Keep an eye on the man in white when watching the video. The footage showed the Camaro leaving a parking area next to the smoke shop, passing by the man and several others, then pulling a quick U-turn before shots rang out.

First, they came from a passenger inside the car, then from the man on the curb as he pulled out a gun and shot back at them.

“It was very scary. You always think about it nowadays what could happen, especially when you’re in big crowds and stuff like that, so it was kind of a worse fear situation. I’ve never witnessed anything like that. Never and I’ve always felt safe out here,” witness Hannah Carey said.

Hannah and her twin sister, Meghan Carey, live down the street and happened to be walking down Demonbreun when the shooting started and ran to safety.

“All of a sudden we saw a Camaro shoot that way, it did a U-turn, and the next thing we know we’re hearing loud pops. We weren’t sure at first what it was. People started running. We thought maybe it was the exhaust because the engine, the Camaro was flying by so fast, and then people were like, ‘No, it’s gunshots, people are shooting.’ So we ran to one of the bars right on the side there and hid behind the wall. Next thing we know, people are like, ‘Get inside, get inside.’ They were padding us all down, getting us inside. We stayed in there for a while and then came out. That’s when the security guard said it was indeed a shooting,” Meghan recalled.

The manager of Smoke House Market, Stephen Marsh, said their security video showed the fight between the man on the street and the driver. Marsh believes that’s where it all escalated, outside of the 3000 bar.

“It was a pretty good altercation. You can see the verbal exchange leading to gunshots being fired. The verbal exchange was right there,” Marsh said pointing toward the bar. “You can see it started on the patio, or where it was ending, and then you see the guys just kind of peel off, go their separate ways. One is waiting right here, one is headed to his vehicle, the vehicle pulls around and we get the result that we had last night,” Marsh explained.

Those involved in the incident fled the scene before officers could arrive. Authorities said the 25-year-old driver of the Camaro was dropped off at a local hospital, where his friends helped him inside to be treated for a wound to his leg before leaving in the car.

As of this writing, Metro police are trying to identify and track down the man who fired the shots from the sidewalk, as well as two passengers in the Camaro, who are photographed below:

Anyone with more information about Wednesday morning’s incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.