NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A number of people have been missing from Nashville for over two decades, with several of them disappearing in June.

There are currently 18 outstanding missing persons cases being investigated by the Metro Nashville Police Department. More of them have gone missing in June than any other month, although the cases are years apart.

There appears to be no rhyme or reason why more people have gone missing in June as each person has a different story. In 1998, a college student’s girlfriend became worried after not being able to reach him, and two years later a man woke up to find his mother had vanished.

While two years apart, the disappearances happened within less than a week of each other. However, even the most recent case is now over two decades old, making solving them all the more difficult.

Still, the slightest bit of new information could point investigators in the right direction. Below is a list of the five people who have vanished from Nashville in June and any known information about their disappearances.

Anyone with additional information about any of the cases listed is asked to contact the Metro Nashville Police Department at 615-862-8600 or the Metro Nashville Police Department’s Crime Stoppers Division at 615-742-CRIME (615-742-7463).

Ricky Franks (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

Ricky Franks

  • Missing since June 7, 1985
  • 5’10” tall, 145 lbs., dark blonde hair, blue eyes
  • Date of Birth: February 2, 1961

Ricky Lee Franks was 24 years old when he was last seen on June 7, 1985. His mother happened to spot him walking down the street toward her house on Norvel Avenue as she was driving to the store.

She stopped and had a brief conversation with Franks and told him to wait for her at the house. However, he wasn’t there when she returned from the store.

According to investigators, Franks did make it back to the house, where his stepbrother reportedly saw him, but for an unknown reason, he left about 15 minutes later. He has not been heard from since.

Prior to his disappearance, Franks had lived in a group home in Dickson. According to police, Franks has known mental disabilities. In an interview with News 2, Detective Matthew Filter said there have been tips about possible sightings and Franks could still be alive.

Marcus Rutledge (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

Marcus Rutledge

  • Missing since June 8, 1998
  • 6′ tall, 190 lbs., black hair, brown eyes
  • Date of Birth: December 17, 1974

Marcus Rutledge, a senior at Tennessee State University, was 23 years old when he was last seen at his residence on Park Dale Drive in Nashville on June 8, 1998.

He was reported missing by his girlfriend after she was unable to get ahold of him and couldn’t find him at his apartment. Investigators said no one knew where he could be.

When his loved ones checked his apartment, they found his dog shut in the bathroom with no food and only the toilet to drink from, which was uncharacteristic for Rutledge. His 1995 red four-door Plymouth Neon was also missing.

Detective Matthew Filter told News 2 investigators initially had very little to go on in the case until July 1, 1998, when Rutledge’s car was found abandoned nearly 21 miles from his home in the parking lot of the Riverwood apartments.

However, there was no sign of him near the vehicle. Authorities believe that foul play may have been involved in his disappearance. Today, Rutledge would be 48 years old. According to the FBI, he has a scar on his right knuckle.

Mayme Johnson (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

Mayme Johnson

  • Missing since June 12, 2000
  • 5’5″ tall, 120 lbs., gray/white hair, brown eyes
  • Date of Birth: December 2, 1914

Mayme Johnson lived with her son, Sam, at an apartment in West Nashville. At about 6:30 a.m. on Monday, June 12, 2000, Sam woke up to discover that his mother was not at home.

According to authorities, Sam said that was not that unusual. However, he started to become concerned when she had not come home by lunchtime.

A maintenance employee in the building told police he had seen her at about 6:30 a.m. that same morning, which was around the time her son had woken up. However, Johnson was never seen or heard from again.

Police said Johnson, who was 85 years old at the time of her disappearance, was last seen wearing a pink blouse and a pink pair of pants. She may have also been in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Andre El (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

Andre El

  • Missing since June 23, 1997
  • 6′ tall, 220 lbs., black hair, brown eyes
  • Date of Birth: January 6, 1970

Andre El was living in Nashville at 2621 Airpark Drive when he disappeared on June 23, 1997.

The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are unclear, with few other details available regarding his case. It is believed that he lived in Georgia before moving to Nashville.

He was 27 years old at the time of his disappearance and would be 53 years old today. He may have a mustache, beard or a goatee.

Jennifer Wyant (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

Jennifer Wyant

  • Missing since June 28, 1980
  • 5’3″ tall, 125 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes
  • Date of Birth: December 3, 1958

Jennifer Wyant was 21 years old when she vanished from her apartment complex on Harding Place on June 28, 1980.

The complex now called Whispering Oaks was known as the Tanglewood Apartments at the time. She had left a softball team party alone that night and went back to her apartment.

When she didn’t show up for work on Monday morning, her parents reported her missing. Police found her car in the complex parking lot, but there was no sign of her at the scene.

Then in 2021, police released more information piecing together the possible events of the night she went missing. Her neighbors reported hearing screaming. When they looked outside, they saw four people forcing a woman into a dark four-door sedan.

Police believe that woman was Wyant. According to authorities, her neighbors had reported the information to an apartment security guard, but the security guard never notified the police. The motive is still a mystery, but Det. Matt Filter told News 2 Wyant appeared to have been targeted.

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The case was quiet for nearly six months. Then on Dec. 11, 1980, Wyant’s driver’s license was found on Blue Lake Road, now called Blue Lake Lane, in Rutherford County — about 15 miles from her home.

A housing complex was under construction in the area at the time. Police brought dogs to search the area, but there was no trace of Wyant. Today, she would be 64 years old.