NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro Council and Mayor Cooper will use $50 million in COVID-19 relief funds to help provide housing and other services to unhoused residents.

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The $50 million is broken down as the following:

  • $25 million towards affordable housing
  • $9 million towards temporary housing
  • $9 million towards supportive services
  • $7 million towards competitive grants

After speaking with several unhoused residents, there was a mixed reaction of support and opposition. The majority of the residents are excited to receive some help, but a few believe they are better off on the street.

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“Living in the tents is rough but it’s also fun sometimes,” Unhoused resident Ms. Shainna said. “I’m just excited to finally get a fresh start.”

Ms. Shainna has lived on the streets for more than a decade. She told News 2 that her criminal history has hampered her chances of getting a job and that having a home would help give her a new chance at work.

None of the residents that were against temporary housing would give their names, but their responses were based on freedom to do what they wanted and dealing with mental health difficulties. They believe getting temporary housing would prevent them from living the life that they want to live.

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The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command is thrilled to hear of the passing of these funds to help unhoused residents. Captain Philip Canning believes this will add to their arsenal to move people into homes, in a dignified matter.