NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — One Madison church is a trailer short and $20,000 in the hole following a theft that happened some time between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The Soul Revival Biker Church’s pastor, Chris Welborn, told News 2 the parish’s trailer was stolen out of another church’s parking lot in Hermitage over the weekend, along with thousands of dollars of sound equipment stored inside.

Volunteers with the church were in the process of moving into their new building on Gleaves Street in Madison when the theft happened.

“How in the world would someone have the audacity to do that?” Welborn asked. “It isn’t my trailer, and it wasn’t my equipment. It belongs to God. They’re stealing from God.”

Welborn said the theft will have a great impact on the church because the parish is an outreach ministry; its volunteers put most of the church’s money back into the community, mainly serving people in prison and those struggling with addiction.

“The Bible says that what you do for the least of his, you do for him. That’s our ministry,” Welborn said. “We’re servants to God and we’re the hands and feet of Christ, and we go out and get dirty where no one else wants to. That’s $20,000 that we have to put back here instead of helping the community.”

Welborn has forgiven the thief and has faith everything will sort itself out on “God’s time.”

“It’s God’s way, God’s will and God’s time,” Welborn said. “It wasn’t my stuff they stole, it was God’s. I forgive them. I don’t want to see anybody go to hell. I just hope they have time to get to know God and repent, and just understand His love and His grace and His mercy for them like we do.”

If you’ve seen the trailer or have any information on the theft, call Metro police at 615-862-8600 or Soul Revival Biker Church at 615-864-2629.