HERMITAGE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A grandmother warns drivers in Hermitage to be alert after she says she was attacked and robbed.

It happened Tuesday morning near Long Hunter State Park. Deneice Spurgeon said she was driving on Hobson Pike around 9:30 am when she heard something hit her car.

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“It was a rock,” Spurgeon explained.

Spurgeon got out to investigate and when she returned, she said she was met by a man in a gray hoodie in her passenger seat.

“At that point, he hit me in the face and just grabbed my purse. I was just, kind of, dazed for just a minute and stunned. I didn’t know really what to do,” she said.

The man took off into the woods as she called 911.

“I’m afraid for anybody because it was just seconds.” 

Those few seconds weighed heavy on Spurgeon’s mind and heart. “It scares me. You know I have daughters, I have grandchildren that are driving, and I think about how different it could have turned out, and I don’t want it to happen to anybody. I’m just worried. I’m just worried.”

The incident has already changed her driving habits.

“I probably will never pull over on the side of the road again. I will be very careful when I get gas, stop anywhere. I don’t really want to drive right now. It’s really been emotional for me.”

She prays sharing her story will keep others from becoming victims.

“If there’s anything I can get across to anybody it’s just please don’t turn your back on anything because it literally takes seconds.”

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Metro Nashville police said a woman walking a trail at the park found Spurgeon’s purse.

Spurgeon said it was returned Wednesday without anything missing, leaving her wondering what the man’s intentions were.