NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Discussions surrounding the Tennessee Titans’ proposed new stadium appear to be progressing faster than expected.

News 2 has learned where some of the estimated $2 billion is coming from to fund the project. Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton told WTN 99.7 this morning that the Adams family, the Titans’ ownership group, is willing to put $700 million toward building a new stadium. The $700 million comes in addition to Governor Bill Lee’s proposal of $500 million from the state.

“We are all in on committing to our home here in Nashville. While we are still pursuing the best path forward for the stadium, any financing plan will involve significant private investment. We appreciate the collaboration of the State as we continue to investigate all options,” a Titans’ spokesperson told News 2.

As for Metro Nashville’s involvement in building the new stadium, there will be some, but not a lot of involvement right away. Mayor John Cooper told News 2, “There is no commitment by Metro. It’s unclear what the costs actually are and they won’t be a better estimate for a while, likely this summer.”

The mayor also added, “Everyone is working hard on the problem.”

It’s been only six weeks since News 2 learned it would take over $1 billion to repair Nissan Stadium, a project that doesn’t seem to be one worth investing in.

According to Titans’ President and CEO Burk Nihill, if a financial plan can be worked out by this fall, the new stadium could be ready for the 2026 season.

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It’s now looking more and more like that could happen.