NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As part of the Tennessee Titans’ partnership with LG, the team donated a washer and dryer to Stratton Elementary School.

Washer/dryers are highly sought after in many underserved communities. After all, there are students who don’t have access to such appliances at home.

However, having clean clothes can make a big difference in a child’s confidence and performance in school.

“I have younger kids — and even my older kids, they have accidents — and so that’s a good opportunity to say, ‘Hey, we can wash your clothes, make sure you feel comfortable,'” explained Joi Mitchell, principal of Stratton Elementary.

Team officials said this donation is part of a new community initiative to give washer and dryer units to local schools in need, starting with Stratton Elementary.

“LG stands for ‘Life’s Good,’ and really part of what ‘Life’s Good’ means is all about promoting optimism and doing good in the community, so we thought that this opportunity was a really good way for us to kind of spread some of that optimism and make life good for people that deserve it,” Jeannie Lee, director for corporate marketing at LG Electronics USA, said.

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Benefiting schools are being identified through a partnership with Backfield in Motion, according to a Titans spokesperson.