NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will hold its 22nd annual JDRF Promise Gala this Saturday to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes treatment and research. A disease that impacts about 50,000 Tennesseeans and does not discriminate.

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson and his family have a personal connection to diabetes and are sharing their story in hopes of helping others.  At just 6-years-old, Taylor Robinson was faced with a life-threatening illness, one her family had no idea how to tackle: Type 1 Diabetes.

“I cry every single time I talk about it,” says Jaimie Robinson, Taylor’s mom. Jaimie still gets emotional talking about the diagnosis, 10 years later. Her now strong, 16-year-old daughter says she doesn’t remember a time in her life without diabetes and doesn’t let the disease stop her.

“Yes, I have my bad days and my bad periods of time when I was little and I was like, ‘why me,'” remembers Taylor, “but overall I’m just like this is something that God has given me, this is something I live with, so why live in such a negative way when I can be positive and uplift others.”

Jaimie and her husband, Jon, however, will never forget the day she was diagnosed. “It was unreal, she was diagnosed on Easter Sunday. We had just had an Easter egg hunt and we were getting ready to go to church and she just laid down on the sofa and said, ‘I don’t feel good,'” remembers Jaimie, “the more we looked at her she looked green, her face was sunken in, she just didn’t look right. She had lost nearly 10 lbs in a couple of weeks. Right then we knew something was wrong.” 

The Robinsons rushed Taylor to the hospital and that’s where their journey began. Now, with treatment and the tools to fight it, Taylor is thriving, in many ways, they say, thanks to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. “This is why we are such big advocates for JDRF. God has put us in this position, we have been fortunate with Jon’s job,” says Jaimie. “God gave Jon that job and we can do it. We can raise awareness.”

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It’s a responsibility Taylor also welcomes. “That’s another thing that’s so special about JDRF, it’s not just about the research it’s about helping those with Type 1 Diabetes and helping with affordable insulin,” says Taylor. “Diabetes is an expensive disease and not a lot of people can afford it. It’s obviously not fair, it’s not something I ask for, it’s not something anyone asks for.” 

The Robinson family will be front and center at the JDRF Gala this weekend, raising money and awareness to help others facing the same uncertainty. 

Taylor is this year’s “Fund a Cure” speaker and will be telling her personal story on stage. She’ll also be joined by Nashville Predators winger, Luke Kunin, who also has Type 1 diabetes.