NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Halloween is upon us, but it’s not ghosts and goblins that have the Tennessee Highway Patrol concerned, it’s drunk drivers. 

News 2 rode along with THP Sgt. Alexander Campbell who believes people wouldn’t drink and drive if they saw the notifications troopers have to make to family members of drunk driving crash victims.  

“When you’re killed in a car crash, we’re the ones that come to your house and tell your family that you’ve been killed. And when you tell somebody that a family member’s not coming home, it sticks with you,” Campbell said. 

Campbell remembers a drunk driving crash he responded to nearly a decade ago that killed an innocent woman. 

“They were just over the legal limit,” Campbell said.

“They weren’t falling down, it wasn’t anything crazy. It was just this person went out, had a little too much, and it takes one second,” he added.  

Campbell suggests getting a sober ride, even if you’ve only had one drink. If you’re involved in a crash and the police report notes alcohol in your system, you could face repercussions from your insurance or from the other party involved. 

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Last year during Halloween, THP issued 33 DUIs. In 2020, they issued 46 DUIs. Also in 2020, nationwide, someone died in a drunk driving crash every 45 minutes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

For Campbell, stopping drunk drivers is personal.  

“There are so many victims out there and they deserve us making good cases and they deserve us out here actively patrolling for that kind of behavior,” Campbell said.