NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Despite warnings this week from Metro police, thieves hit another locker room at a Bellevue gym Thursday morning.

The burglary on Hwy 70 marks at least four incidents in just two weeks in the West Precinct, where keys seem to be the target.

“It’s shocking to be honest with you,” said Michael Angus who frequents the Planet Fitness in Bellevue.

From Hwy 70 to the Planet Fitness on Charlotte Pike and the Bellevue YMCA off Hwy 100, thieves are striking while members are working out.

“When I got back in the locker room, all of the lockers had been opened, like there was a line of lockers. They had all been opened,” Karen Ahmed explained.

The thieves act fast, hitting unlocked lockers like Ahmed’s at the Bellevue YMCA last Friday. 

“I was only in the sauna for about 10 minutes, and when I returned my bag had been gone through and my car keys were missing,” she said. 

A key replacement can be costly, often running hundreds of dollars. Ahmed was lucky as her car was still outside, but she said that wasn’t the case for another victim.

“I did manage to take a car share home to get my extra key, and by the time I got back there was another person in front of the Y whose key had been stolen and apparently they had stolen his car as well.”

Three vehicles were stolen from gym parking lots in the West Precinct within an eight-day span, according to police. Lt. Keith McNamara said those stolen cars are often used to commit other crimes.

“I hope the perpetrator is caught or perpetrators, and that maybe some of us can get our property back,” said Ahmed.

She has since bought a lock, a small investment police said is worth it. 

Investigators with the West Precinct released pictures of two suspects that are believed to be involved in recent locker room thefts. Lt. McNamara said the thefts seem to be an issue across the country.

If you have any information on the suspects, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME or email