NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The owner of a Nashville car dealership is hoping for answers after two burglarers broke in early Monday morning.

The crime happened around 3 a.m. after the unidentified pair broke in through the front door.

“My first reaction was well dang, I did everything right and this still happened,” said Jordan Haislip with Auto Mart. “Kind of took just a ballpoint hammer and just shattered it, shattered the glass door, went in through, it was a really small hole, probably three by three, so they weren’t very big, but they went in and they could see the cameras on the screen and didn’t really care.”

The thieves were caught on camera. The video shows how the pair broke through the front door, leaving glass pieces scattered on the ground. Haislip says the broken pieces from the front door were his first clue that something was wrong.

The surveillance footage showed how one of the thieves hopped over the counter while still holding the hammer used to break in. The two of them were dressed in all black and wearing a mask. One of the intruders pointed for the other to search another area of the office before they took off with cash and a safe.

Two burglaries take off with cash and a safe after breaking into Auto Mart early Monday morning.

However, Haislip says the most concerning part about the entire crime, was how surveillance cameras didn’t stop the thieves from taking what they wanted.

“This must be a whole new breed because when you come onto this premises, you can see tons of LED lights, motion lights, high definition cameras. When you walk into the building there’s a huge monitor that kind of presents yourself to yourself, ‘hey I’m being recorded,’ and they did not care. They looked right up at it and went about their business,” explained Haislip.

Haislip told News 2, lately, businesses and homeowners in the area have been on high alert and have taken more precautions to keep their valuables safe, by using more security lights and cameras, but hopes it’s enough to keep criminals away.

“All my cameras worked, but with this new age of masks and all these things. They are either really smart or really stupid I can’t tell, but either way, I don’t know how we will be able to figure out who it is,” Haislip said.

He is asking anyone with information on this crime, to contact the Metro Nashville Police Department.