NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)- Employees at a West Nashville market were left stunned after a thief broke in early Wednesday morning.

It happened at The Silo Market in The Nations. The thief was able to take off with the cash register after shattering a window in order to get inside.

“It’s hard to completely prepare for something like that, and hopefully it doesn’t happen again,” said Daniel Anderson, the store manager.

He was alerted to the break-in after the owners were notified by the alarm company. It happened just past midnight when security cameras caught the crime. An intruder broke into the market located on Centennial Boulevard.

“They broke the bottom window, shattered it, and came down through that, had to crawl through it. Came in and grabbed our cash drawer and then headed out the same way, all just real quick,” described Anderson.

The video showed a single person sit down near the garage-style doors and use a hammer to shatter the glass window. Covered from head to toe, it is hard to identify the suspect. After breaking in through the window, the unknown suspect heads straight to the cash register pulls out the system and crawls back through the same window.

“It does stink that people do this you know,” said Anderson. “As a brand new company, having to figure out how to fix the window, and having to pay for that, how to get a new cash drawer, and also having to figure out how to make sure everyone here feel safe.”

The new business had only been open for a month and a half before being robbed. However, Anderson explained the most concerning part of the crime is this isn’t the first break-in that has happened in the area. News 2 went and talked to other businesses on the same street — some of which said they are no stranger to thieves randomly targeting their store.

“I think they thought they kind of had a beat on it, and then today, I think he was asking, trying to figure out if it’s related to those other break-ins as well,” explained Anderson.

Although the crime has frustrated owners and employees at the Silo Market, they explained how happy they are to be working in the neighborhood. Working with other owners and customers, they look forward to continuing to serve the community.

“Our first reaction, all of us was just that we’re are glad it didn’t happen during store hours, and everyone was safe. Everyone that we have come across has been wonderful here and has supported us,” said Anderson.

Right now, the Silo Market is going through a soft opening and is looking forward to having a grand opening on January 29, 2022, despite the break-in.

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If you know anything about the Wednesday morning break-in, you are asked to contact the Metro Nashville Police Department.