NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A South Nashville family is still in shock after someone turned the family’s new residence into their own home. Metro Police responded to a report of a squatter at a home under construction, and he was found by the homeowners.

For the past year, the Walls family has been laying down the groundwork for their soon-to-be-called home before Troy Walls found something strange.

“There were cigarette buds that I was finding up here, and I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from,” said Troy.

For several months, it’s been Troy, his tools, and occasionally, their dog. However, it was when their dog Harlin notified him that something was wrong that led them to make a shocking discovery.

“He told me that he found a guy in our house, and of course, I’m like ‘oh gosh’. First thing I’m like wait what happened? He said the guy wasn’t there to steal anything he just wanted to sleep, but we definitely got a scare,” Kelly Walls said. “We didn’t know who was there, or what was in here, it could have been a raccoon or I don’t know, but Troy heard a voice, and they said ‘call your dog off, I’m coming down,’ and that’s when Troy figured out it was a person.”

Up the unfinished stairs, is where Troy found a man.

The family described finding a squatter inside their home. Troy told News 2, he walked the man outside and asked him to leave. However, the Walls never thought the same man would be back again.

“A neighbor calls because I posted this on Facebook, to a Facebook Group, and she’s like ‘that guy is on your porch trying to get into your house,’ and I’m like you have to be kidding me, this guy came back after all that?” questioned Kelly.

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The Walls work as full-time musicians and worry this could continue to happen.

Metro police were called the second time around. No arrest was made. Instead, the Walls is hoping someone in the area can help with options for the stranger to go.

Construction sites where homes are being built are nothing new to Nashville, but the Walls worry, empty homes could easily turn into an easy target.

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“Shocked, but I mean, I’m not surprised because we live in a city where this could happen,” said Kelly. “Lock the doors, have cameras, you know make sure that you’re checking the whole house, they could be hiding somewhere.”