NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville nurse received a life-changing gift thanks to a nonprofit committed to bringing awareness to the hard of hearing and deaf communities.

The Heart of Hearing was found by News 2’s Meteorologist Meaghan Thomas in 2014. Thomas, who proudly wears bi-lateral hearing aids, created the foundation as a way to end the stigma about hearing aids and raise funding for those who cannot afford them.

“When I was trying to buy hearing aids, no one was there to help me. It was $5,000 I didn’t have as a young professional,” said Thomas. “So, to be able to take that financial pressure off somebody is our goal and to give the gift of hearing, which people take for granted.”

On Monday, Oct. 23 the organization held its second annual golf tournament at the Old Hickory County Club, which raised $25,000. The event also culminated in a special moment for a well-deserving young woman.

Haley Wiggins, a nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, is the new owner of a pair of hearing aids gifted by The Heart of Hearing.

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Wiggins told News 2 the gift will not only make her job easier, but will be one less expense for her growing family.

“It going to make a big impact on my ability to do my job everyday in the hospital,” Wiggins said. “I work in a very busy, noisy environment and it’s become very difficult to keep up with conversations where there are multiple people talking at one time with a lot of noise going on in the background.”

To learn more about The Heart of Hearing and to contribute to the cause, click here.