NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — While families are grieving this week following the mass shooting at The Covenant School, which took the lives of three children and three school staff members, Nashville businesses and churches and stepping up to offer anything they can to help students, staff, and parents process the events.

One such business is The Catio, a cat lounge near The Opryland Hotel. The lounge is filled with plenty of friendly, adoptable cats and kittens looking for their “fur-ever” home. The business partners with Nashville Cat Rescue, who processes each Catio cat before they are able to be let loose inside for some feline fun. The Catio offers the socialization the rescue cats need prior to adoption, which helps them adapt better in their new homes.

And this week, the cats can offer some comfort to those who need it.

Co-owner Brandi Hodge told News 2 this week The Catio is allowing any student, staff member or parent of The Covenant School an opportunity for some kitty comfort free of charge.

“We don’t want to get anything out of this,” she said. “We’re moms. I would like for them to have time just to play and to love, and the support of animals is really good in situations like this.”

The decision to offer the waived admission for those at Covenant came about later Monday night, but Tuesday is when Catio staff members started reaching out about the offer.

“This isn’t a real busy season for us, so if the whole school came, I’m okay with it,” she joked.

When her own children suffered personal hardships and tragedies, Hodge said her animals are where they found immense comfort, and she wanted to offer the children of The Covenant School the same comfort if they needed it.

Any Covenant student or staff member who comes by The Catio can stay and play as long as they want to, Hodge said, though she cautioned the lounge does get pretty busy on the weekends.

The offer for free cat therapy is valid at least through the weekend, according to Hodge.

“As long as the school’s closed,” Hodge added, Covenant students, staff and parents can come by and use the space for some comfort animal time.

There are more than 30 cats and kittens available for visitors to love on.

“It’s therapy, you know? You could go tell the cats your secrets or just get hugs and kisses or just lay with them,” she told News 2. “Nothing’s better than that.”

Ultimately, Hodge said she wanted students and faculty of The Covenant School to know that The Catio would be a safe place for them to come love on some friendly felines if they were so inclined.

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And if any of them find a new furry friend to take home forever, even better, though that’s by no means required.

“There will be absolutely no pressure, no talk of anything that has to do with the school shooting or anything like that,” she said.

This is just an offer for a place to decompress.

The Catio is located at 2416 Music Valley Drive, Suite 14, Nashville, TN 37214.