NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There are millions of Ukrainian refugees and that number is only growing. Efforts to rescue the most vulnerable continue from groups around the world, including one from Nashville.

Innocent children, scared, cold and hungry, but now safe in the western part of Ukraine, thanks to the Aerial Recovery Group, full of volunteers from Nashville.

“The term bittersweet comes to mind, we put so much effort into ensuring that we conduct these rescues in a safe manner,” says Jeremy Locke, COO of Aerial Recovery Group. “There’s a lot of intelligence that comes together before we conduct them.”

Britnie Turner and her husband, Locke, from Aerial Recovery Group, are part of a team saving the children.

“We have a team currently in Ukraine doing these rescue operations, and then we have a team in Poland helping to run refugee camps getting people the aid they need,” says Turner.

The missions are complicated and dangerous, but it’s all worth it when you see the relief in their faces.

“You can see it; they realize that and it goes from being quiet, to that’s when they start crying and hugging,” says Locke. “For our team, it is just priceless.”

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Aerial Recovery Group is made up of many retired military members, like Locke, who was part of US Special Forces.

“I am inspired by how well they’ve come together and they’re united and defending their country,” Locke says of the Ukrainian people. “They very, very much want Ukrainians to stay Ukrainian. We are now using our skillset to serve Ukraine, and it’s an honor and a privilege to do that.”

At the core of their mission is responsibly moving the children, working with the help of a new Memorandum of Understanding from the Ukrainian Government.

“We are ensuring that before they do any sort of border crossing that they are cross-referenced with the national registry, and they are ensured that they are, as best as we can possibly do it, that they do not become victims of child trafficking,” says Locke.

Since the groups arrival to Ukraine, they’ve rescued more than 400 children with no plans to stop anytime soon.

They do, however, need more resources, like vehicles to move the children. Anyone who wishes to help Aerial Recovery Group can make a donation on their website by clicking this link.