NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — After 20 years, a Nashville family is saying goodbye to its Christmas tree. But, the Barry family has mixed feelings because the tree will be serving a new purpose.

Instead of being in their front yard, it will be on display at the State Capitol as this year’s State of Tennessee Christmas tree.

“It’s going to be going away, but everyone in the state gets to see it because it will be in front of the State Capitol,” said Joe Barry.

They planted the tree to honor their daughter and create future memories.

“She was born on December the 28th, and so she really didn’t have her like official first Christmas tree,” said Suzie Barry, “We bought one that we could plant, so we could watch both of them grow up.”

The tree was first on display inside the Barry home but was eventually planted outside.

  • State Capitol Christmas Tree

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Joe said over the years as the tree grew more and more Christmas lights were added, and it got to a point where he couldn’t reach the top anymore.

“We just been decorating the front,” added Suzie. “She is a beautiful tree.”

Joe said they actually reached out to the state offering it up to be the state’s tree.

Tree cutting crews were out at their home on Malquin Drive Wednesday morning to harvest the tree and transport it.

A lot of equipment and manpower was involved, including a crane and a semi to haul the tree.

“It was just amazing to see it,” Joe said with a big smile as he described watching the tree being lifted off the ground and onto the trailer. “I felt like I was going up with it.”

The Barry family said they plan to be at the State Capitol when Governor Bill Lee and others officially light up the tree.

“We want everyone to know this was a family tree. And as everyone gathers round it to share their memories around it too and take good pictures,” said Suzie.

The tree lighting ceremony takes place November 28th at 5:30 p.m.