NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As Music City prepares for a busy weekend, Metro police are sending a message loud and clear—take your firearms out of your vehicle.

This year, over 650 guns have been stolen in Davidson County—520 guns have been stolen out of vehicles. One state lawmaker is calling it an epidemic and plans to make it illegal to leave your gun out in plain sight.

“The number of firearms that is just left outside someone’s home every night is just mind-boggling,” said Sen. Jeff Yarbro (D-Nashville).

With thousands of people expected to be in attendance for CMA Fest this weekend, police don’t want this crime in the mix.   

“Right now, people think it’s legal to keep your firearm in your car when it’s not supposed to be,” Yarbro said.

Yarbro, who represents part of Davidson County, sponsored a bill last legislative session that would make it illegal to keep a firearm in a vehicle or boat unless it is locked within the trunk, or glove box.

However, the legislation was never considered. “It was actually supposed to be heard during The Covenant School shooting, but there were some people who didn’t want to discuss any firearm legislation after that shooting,” Yarbro said.  

Now he plans to bring the legislation back during a special session scheduled in August.

“We can’t tolerate this situation where people are just providing firearms for criminals that are using it to shoot at our police officers,” Yarbro said.

Earlier this month, a metro police officer was shot in Donelson while chasing down an armed suspect. Metro police said the gun used to shoot the officer was stolen. Yarbro pointed out that the crime was due to irresponsible storage.

“This is literally just about having some common sense and doing something responsible for gun owners, community members, and everyone across the case.”

There is no jail time or serious consequences in Yarbro’s proposed legislation. Instead, you would be required a firearm safety course.  

Special session begins Aug. 21.