NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville is embracing yet another weekend of chaos, with tens of thousands of fans flooding Music City for their chance to see Taylor Swift.  

“It was a drive,” recalled Eryn Fox, who traveled from South Carolina for the Nashville concert on Saturday, May 6. “About six and a half, seven hours with stops.” 

While Swifties not only went the extra mile when it came to commutes, they also didn’t cut corners when it came to showing up head to toe in Taylor attire. 

 “I ordered a corset on Amazon and some shorts, and I already had the cowboy hat, and it took me three months and like nine bottles of gem tack,” said Genevieve Breckoff of Louisiana. 

“I got the bedazzled boots here, and then snake tights,” Fox said as she walked News 2 through her snake-studded outfit. “And then I have Karen the snake here, and then I’ve got the makeup and the jewelry and all of my friendship bracelets I’ve been trading with people.” 

For some, this weekend’s stop for “The Eras Tour” in Swift’s own backyard was all about the music. 

“She’s really just such a diverse songwriter, and she creates these worlds around her songs and these stories. I mean, she just made the ‘All Too Well’ 10-minute version short film,” said Dee Ateca, who traveled with Fox. “She’s so creative and has such a mind.” 

Not everyone may understand the infatuation, but for fans, it’s about a personal connection they feel. 

“She’s almost like my personal therapist,” Fox explained. “I mean, I listen to her songs and I just relate to them, and I am so happy to kid of space where I can listen to something and just feel so at home.”

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