NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Friday night, Taylor Swift performed the first of three sold-out shows at Nissan Stadium.

Finding fans in downtown Nashville has been anything but difficult.

“Her lyrics are so creative and she’s just amazing,” said one girl.

People traveled as far as Europe and Asia to see Swift perform in Nashville. For those who couldn’t get in, many watched from the pedestrian bridge.

“Beyond Taylor Swift that’s probably the highlight, seeing everyone as a different era. It’s just amazing; just everyone coming together, and it’s just so fun to see everyone. Everybody here loves Taylor Swift,” said another fan, eager to get inside.

However, there was one type of fan that is often hidden amongst the crowd – the dads of the group.

“I mean, they’re listening to her music all the time at home, so I have to listen to it. So I’m starting to pick up some of the words on the songs,” said Keith Filer, who was dropping his daughter off for the concert.

Although some didn’t plan on going inside, traveling with their daughters has become part of the experience.

“Her, seeing the reaction of them,” said Michael Hann as he pointed to his daughter. “It’s heartwarming.”

You would be surprised by the lengths these dads will go to make their little girls happy.

“The site crashed and he was on it all day, and he was driving home from work and he pulled off into a parking lot to buy the tickets for us, and then the other day when the merch truck came to town, he waited in line for two hours after work to get me merch, and I just love him so much,” said Filer’s daughter.

“I got online, and waited about six hours online,” said Filer.

Even though some may not have been there in person, they still played a major role.

“We went to our dad’s work and he shot a cannon and said, ‘We’re going to the Taylor Swift concert!'” remembered Harper Allen, who got the surprise of a lifetime when she and her sister found out they would be able to see Swift 30 minutes before heading downtown.

“Dad, thanks for buying us Taylor Swift tickets at 10:45 p.m.; love you!” said Riley Allen.

All for the love of Swift.

“Just seeing the excitement for them and how much they have been looking forward to the concert, and hopefully there won’t be too much depression after the concert is over,” Filer said.