NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A group of moms from out of town forked up thousands of dollars for Taylor Swift tickets in Nashville after they said their original tickets were canceled at the last minute.

Michelle Pearson, who lives in Utah, said she and her three friends began making accommodations for their girls’ trip in November, including plans for the 15 children they were leaving behind.

“I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah and I have five children and I haven’t been on a girl’s trip in about five years. So my friends and I, since we are such big ‘Swifties’ we wanted to go to Nashville because we’ve never been to Nashville either,” Pearson said.

The women purchased four tickets at $300 each, Pearson said, on StubHub to see Swift’s concert at Nissan Stadium on Friday, May 5. The four moms arrived in Nashville on Wednesday, May 3, but about 24 hours before the concert’s start time, Pearson said they received an email saying their tickets were canceled and refunded.

“They had obviously taken the money, so it looked legitimate and obviously the seller just probably took them and tried to sell them for more, which is very common as I’m hearing, as I had posted my story on TikTok. Obviously, we were really upset,” she said. “We called, I think it was four or five times, we were shut down. So I thought, I’ve done social media for years I thought I’m taking this to TikTok because this is insane and I thought nobody is listening to us. I’m telling them on the phone call that this is not ok, and they are telling us they didn’t have tickets that they could replace those tickets with because it was a sold-out show and we were looking in the contract and everything on the StubHub website and it says they will guarantee the tickets once you buy them.”

Pearson is seen fighting tears and pleading for help in the TikTok post, which has since hit more than 500,000 views. She said StubHub ended up reaching back out after the video went viral, just before the concert start time offering tickets for Saturday, May 6. The moms, however, had already bought tickets through Ticketmaster for $2,000 apiece.

“We paid a lot of money because we just thought we are here let’s just do it and StubHub came back after my video had gone viral, so at that point I think there had already been 400,000 views and when you look at the comments on that TikTok everybody is saying that this is happening to them too, not even just for the Taylor Swift concert for other concerts.”

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Pearson hopes sharing her story will make others think twice before buying concert tickets.

“Be very careful when buying tickets especially when you make a purchase so far in advance. I would also be very weary of not getting a ticket confirmation immediately. So when we did buy the tickets through Ticketmaster we immediately received the tickets, with StubHub it told us the tickets would be released 24 hours prior to the event,” Pearson explained. “So that’s why we thought we were okay, and then when she got the email saying it was canceled, that’s when we started panicking. But if anything, it’s sad to say, but I just don’t feel like I can trust StubHub and I know they are trying to work with us and everything like that, but of course, I’m hesitant to purchase tickets from them ever again after this whole situation.”

Pearson told News 2 she was still negotiating with StubHub for a reimbursement. News 2 reached out to the company, but had yet to hear back by the time this article was published.