NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Neighbors in East Nashville experienced a frightening ordeal Sunday morning as more than a half dozen shots were fired. Cameras on Otay Street captured the tense moments.

“The first couple of shots I heard, it probably happened about 50 yards back that way,” said Stephen Rodriguez as he gestured toward Scott Avenue.

It was around 10:30 a.m. when shots rang out just outside Scott Avenue Church of Christ.

“Then you heard another five to seven shots as they turned this corner here,” Rodriguez said pointing to Otay Street where several shell casings were found.

Surveillance video shows a small white SUV and dark-colored sedan with tinted windows race by on Otay Street.

“My understanding is that all of this originated over on Porter (Road) and they were sort of just chasing each other for awhile through the neighborhood, and so it just so happened what you see on my cameras was sort of the ending of the situation,” Rodriguez explained. 

The chain of events started at an apartment complex on Porter Road where a shooting investigation was underway Sunday morning, according to Metro police.

Two women at the apartments said they were blocked in by emergency responders, so they hitched a ride from a neighbor. They noticed a black sedan followed them out and soon began firing shots.

“I was sitting in my dining room and I heard some gun shots,” said Rodriguez. 

As the owner of Nashville Smart Homes, Rodriguez has a dozen cameras installed in the area. He shared footage from three different angles of Sunday morning’s shots fired incident.

“The black car that you see in the video was actually firing rounds at the white SUV in the front as they turned this corner at a very high rate of speed,” he explained. “It’s impossible to be very accurate in that kind of scenario and that many shots being fired. Those rounds absolutely went in the direction across the street here.”

That’s where News 2 saw Herbert Holt, who was checking his house and cars for bullet holes.

“It just trips me out. It’s dangerous,” he said. 

While Holt wasn’t home at the time of the shooting, his neighbor had to take cover.

“He just ducked down in his car because they came right by him. He was pulling in his driveway and they just come by shooting…two cars shooting at each other,” Holt explained. 

“Just before it happened and just after it happened, you have young moms pushing strollers with babies; you have young families walking their dogs up and down this street all day, everyday. It was honestly a really quiet, good weather Sunday morning. It’s been super hot lately and the weather had cooled down, so everybody was getting their morning walk just before and just after and it’s just unbelievably dangerous,” Rodriguez added.

Rodriguez said he called 911 but was on hold for six or seven minutes, expressing concern about the overall police response time. 

“When I did get somebody on the line, they were very nonchalant. ‘Okay, thanks for letting us know. We will send somebody out,’ and then it took maybe five or more minutes for police to show up, and then when I talked to police they thought they were just on the scene of a normal traffic accident and didn’t even know it had to do with a drive-by shooting, so it’s just concerning,” he said. 

Metro police said the women in the white SUV eventually crashed into a ditch and ran from the scene, but returned and told investigators they believe the suspects had the wrong people. Police are following leads regarding the black sedan.

As for the Porter Road shooting, police told News 2 that a man was shot in the legs at the Porter Road apartment complex and the victim said he didn’t know why. That investigation is ongoing and no suspects have been identified.

The violent crimes come after a teen was shot and killed Saturday outside of McFerrin Community Center in East Nashville.