NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – While a daycare operator remains at the hospital from apparent self-inflicted lacerations, friends of Anne Jordan are desperately seeking answers.

Investigators said a mother found her 3-month-old baby unresponsive inside Jordan’s Bellevue apartment Monday afternoon, along with six other babies that were left unattended. Hikers later found the caregiver at a state park with cuts to her arms.

“It’s just so surreal and so crazy,” said Eryk Datura, who is friends with Jordan.

Friends like Datura know Jordan as “Annie Clark.” The two had plans to hang out the night before the tragic turn of events.

“She was a very outgoing, very happy person,” Datura explained, saying they had grown close to one another over the last year.

Described as artistic, a lover of photography and the local music scene, Annie is a mother and someone who has worked with children for years operating a daycare.

“She loved those kids and I know that the way she spoke about them was just so lovely, and so you know she really, really took pride in what she did,” said Datura. 

Flowers now lie outside Jordan’s Bellevue apartment where investigators discovered an unresponsive 3-month-old and six other babies left alone. It’s a discovery that’s left friends like Datura baffled.

“It’s heartbreaking to me. I mean it’s shattering. It’s hard to keep it together right now, it just breaks my heart,” Datura said.

Hikers in Harpeth River State Park later found Jordan suffering from significant lacerations. Police said the wounds appear to have been self-inflicted.

“She appeared to be a very happy person and very fulfilled, and that’s what’s so scary,” said Datura. 

However, one acquaintance News 2 spoke with said Jordan showed some concerning behavior before.

“It was a very quick friendship, probably about a year friendship, and I started seeing some red flags and pulling away. The situation that’s occurred in the aftermath of the missing post is shocking, but it’s not shocking to me that she is somehow involved,” the former friend, who didn’t want to be identified out of fear of retaliation, said.  

She said it’s heartbreaking while reminding parents to do their due diligence when seeking child care.

“Make sure you know they are licensed. Make sure to do background checks and really just research that person, because if you had gone to Annie’s Facebook page and looked at any of her online posts as a parent, there’s a bunch of red flags that I would have been able to discern from looking at her,” she said.

While the case remains under investigation, Metro police told News 2 Jordan was interviewed at the hospital. Investigators said she told them she put the 3-month-old down for a nap and found the baby unresponsive 20 minutes later. Instead of calling 911, the caregiver left the apartment.

“I cannot imagine what that poor mother and father are going through right now. I hope they can get some answers,” the acquaintance said.