NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In July, News 2 shared how car stunts and street racing were disrupting the lives of those who live in Antioch.

But now it seems street racing has moved over to the Wedgewood-Houston area of Nashville.

“That was the first time that’s happened since we’ve been here,” said Brooke.

Neighbor, Brooke chose to remain anonymous for safety reasons but says the screeching of tires and revving of engines is what woke her up early Saturday morning.

“They were taking turns going into that intersection, and then they would start doing… like donuts,” she said.

Brooke began recording and called the police about the situation.

“They asked me if I wanted to speak to an officer and I said no I don’t,” she said. “I just want the officer to go take care of that.”

But she says an officer never showed up, prompting her to call again.

“They asked me has anything changed since your last call and I was like yeah I went upstairs and I saw what’s happening and there’s people hanging out of the car,” said Brooke. “Somebody’s going to get hurt, you better send somebody.”

But again Brooke says an officer never showed up.

She says over 30 minutes later, a helicopter eventually flew around the intersection with flashing lights, and soon, people began to leave.

“They could have clipped that bridge, like there’s a guardrail, so many times they could have clipped,” she said. “They did lose control many times. It was really scary.”

Brooke says she’s worried racers will be back, and she hopes if that’s the case the police will come out and handle things.

“I want to know if this happens again police are going to come much sooner than 35 minutes later,” she said.

News 2 reached out to Metro police who said they did send an officer out to the scene.

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They said they also had a helicopter respond as well, and while they do have a street racing initiative, they do go out and work to catch street racers across the city.