NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An East Nashville woman finally has her car back after a stray bullet shattered the sunroof weeks ago.

Nicole Leff found the damage on New Year’s Day when she went out to her driveway to take her car to the grocery store.

“Someone, somewhere in the neighborhood shot a gun up in the air and the bullets, ya know, got to go down somewhere and it came through my sunroof,” Leff said. “It was kind of like a delayed reaction noticing that my sunroof was shattered and that it wasn’t a stick or something up there. It was a bullet!”

Leff reported it to Metro police and her insurance company. The stray bullet caused about $2,000 in damages and, due to supply chain shortages, it took about three weeks for the glass to be replaced.

“I don’t understand why anyone would think that shooting a gun up in the air in a neighborhood, in a pretty decent sized city, is a good idea,” Leff said.

But Leff isn’t the only one dealing with this type of situation. According to the latest data from the Metro Nashville Police Department, 1,563 people have filed property damage reports since Jan. 1. That number is down just slightly from this same time last year when 1,572 reports had been made.

“You always think it’s gonna happen to someone other than you, and it happened to me. But it could’ve been worse. It didn’t go into any of the houses nearby. It didn’t hit anyone. It didn’t hit my dogs,” Leff said. “Actions have consequences, and like, this was a bad consequence and it could’ve been a lot worse.”

Leff gave Metro police the bullet she found on her car. Investigators will now enter that into a database to see if it belongs to a gun involved in any other crimes in Nashville, the state or the country.