NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The state will not appeal the ruling enjoining immediate enforcement of the legislative cap on the Metro Council, the state attorney general’s office has announced.

According to Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti, because the three-judge panel only halted the provisions that would require Metro’s compliance with the law in the short-term and left the rest of the law to stand as is, the state would not seek an appeal of the injunction.

As a result, Skrmetti said in a release, that injunction will apply to the current Metro Nashville election, set for this August, and the council’s size will not be capped this year. Instead, the effect of the law will not be felt until the following Metro election in 2027.

“Clarity about the law is important, both now and in the years to come,” he said. “While the Court did enjoin the short-term, transitional provisions of the new law in Davidson County, the result of this litigation to date is that the cap on the size of metropolitan councils has been delayed but not defeated.”

The panel issued the ruling Monday, April 10. At that time, the Court noted Metro Nashville was likely to suffer “irreparable harm” by allowing the 30-day provision in the law to go into effect because the current election cycle was already underway.

Despite the injunction, the panel found the rest of the law could stand as written while the case is litigated in the Davidson County Chancery Court.

For now, the 20-member cap is the law of the land, but since it cannot go into full effect yet this year, Metro’s election will proceed as it has been.

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Several Metro Councilmembers shared their pleasure at the state’s decision, noting this year’s Metro Council election will be for 40 members.

“Metro will move forward with a 40-member Council election in August,” CM Kyonzte Toombs said on Twitter.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am please to report that there will be a #MetroCouncil election using the maps drawn by @MetroPlanNash based on census data according to Metro’s 60-year history rather than an absurd timeline for ‘no more than 20’ members thrust upon us by #tnleg,” CM Freddie O’Connell tweeted.