NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Bellevue homeowner is in disbelief after he found a family living in his house.

His discovery landed three people behind bars. The trio is accused of causing nearly $150,000 in damage to the house.

“It’s bizarre because I’ve heard of this. You might see it in movies,” the home owner, who didn’t want to be identified for personal reasons, explained.

This, however, was no movie. It all happened at his house on Huntwick Trail, nestled on a hill and secluded by trees.

“This is my home; this is the place that I’m going to start a family,” he said.

The house was vacant and mostly empty when the owner stopped by, only to discover six people had moved in.

“They had padlocked my gate shut with their own lock, and when I went in to see what was going on, I see my tools laying in the yard; I see Jack-o-Lanterns on the front door step; I see the front deadbolt taken off my front door, hot tub covers off; the back gates are open and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?'”

The homeowner said three adults and three children, along with nearly a dozen animals, had made his home theirs.

“There were toiletries and bathroom products in all of our vanities. There were kitchen products in the kitchen. They hung art on the walls. There was furniture in places that furniture would go,” the homeowner said.

It appeared the group broke a window to get inside the home.

“They were fully in belief that they belong in this home. They were claiming that they established residency and this was their home and that they were not leaving. They were also claiming they had squatters rights, so clearly they had a plan coming into this. They felt like they knew what they were doing,” he said. 

In the process, the homeowner said the group trashed his property by spray painting windows, breaking appliances, and leaving cat and dog feces scattered throughout the home. 

“All the pets were defecating on the floor, urinating; there’s holes in the drywall, fist marks. You wouldn’t believe, I’m just at a loss for words,” the homeowner said.

An arrest affidavit said the suspects admitted they didn’t know who owned the home and knew it was vacant. The report said one of the suspects told officers God showed her a sign to stay there.

The homeowner said while he is angry and feels violated, it’s a sad situation.

“I’m just glad nobody got hurt and I’m glad justice was served and I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else, because it’s scary,” he said.

The homeowner was just there a week before and there was no sign of anyone gaining entry. He plans to continue on his renovations and install a security system.

Robert Reynolds and Brooke Livesay, both 27 years old, and 40-year-old Jason Hay were arrested. All are facing aggravated burglary charges.