NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — After a week and thousands of canceled flights later, things are starting to look up for Southwest Airlines.

“It was really good,” said Juliana Whatley. “No delays. Our flights went really well and we were on time for both our flights.”

After nearly 16,000 canceled flights and hundreds of lost luggage complaints, the airline assured customers things would get back to normal Friday, Dec. 30.

“They canceled the flight yesterday, then they canceled another flight,” said passenger Al Winters. “There was two canceled yesterday and one canceled this morning.”

Winters finally made it home to Nashville Friday morning after being stuck in Detroit, waiting like many others to finally catch a flight home.

“There’s so much frustration,” he said. “If you were on the other side of the terminal right now you would see so many frustrated people. There are people that’s been stranded for days and they’re talking about not getting them home until after the new year.”

Meanwhile downstairs at baggage claim, flyers like Jack Lehner fortunately made it to Music City with no issues.

“We went to the airport two days ago and checked with the people there because we lived by and they said, ‘Yeah, they say by Friday they should have it straightened out,’ and I mean we made it here,” he said.

The majority of bags still waiting for their owner aren’t from Southwest Airlines anymore, but rather American Airlines.

Southwest’s flights are taking off with minimal delays, but the disaster the airline company faced this week is something that still surprises many travelers.

“It’s tough having a massive company like that because you have a massive problem,” said Lehner. “It’s hard to chase it and stop it, so I feel for them a little bit. It’s got to be a tough situation, but then other stories you hear they should have updated their stuff a long time ago before they got as big as they are.”

With the Department of Transportation now investigating, Southwest Airlines is working to get things back to normal again, something customers have spent nearly a week waiting on.

“I won’t let it deter me from flying. I just hope Southwest can get it together,” said Winters. “You never know what’s behind the scenes or what glitches are going on, but this is disastrous. This is disastrous.”

Southwest has created a website where customers can rebook flights or request refunds. You can access that site here.