NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The growth Nashville is experiencing is something Pat Hampton says has gotten out of control.

“It’s overwhelming,” she said. “The chaos that it shows is almost frightening.”

Her home off Burkitt Road in Southeast Nashville is just 100 yards from the county line.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do if there’s an emergency on this side of town,” said Hampton.

She’s closer to Nolensville’s Fire Department, but because her home technically lies in Davidson County, if an emergency happens, she’s forced to wait.

“If I have a heart attack or a fall it’s going to be a 15 to 20-minute run on a good day,” said Hampton. “A 30-minute run at rush hour, if not longer.”

John Stern did have an emergency though, waiting over 15 minutes for help.

“My daughter drove from Murfreesboro and got here right at the same time as the responders did,” he said.

Stern lives a few miles away off Battle Road. For years he, Hampton and other neighbors have pushed for a new fire station.

“We’ve contacted Chief Swann,” said Hampton. “We contacted the council. We’ve contacted Friends of Nashville. I’ve just put the word out everywhere I can, hoping that it will be studied and planned to put a hall in the most effective location.”

Hampton says, years back, a developer set aside land that could have been used for a fire station but says the department turned it down due to a variety of issues.

Stern believes a station would be perfect off Battle Road. In December, his neighborhood association reached out to the fire chief asking him to attend their community meeting to discuss land options with residents.

“They sent a letter back telling us that when we decide where to put it and we do the initial engineering work, we’ll come and tell you where it’s going,” he said. “That attitude is extremely distressing.”

Stern sent News 2 a copy of the letter where Chief Swann stated things were in the very early stages and that they decided not to put a fire station at that location.

Swann also stated if they do move forward, they would work with District 32 Councilmember Antoinette Lee to engage with the community but stated it’s too early to have those discussions.

Swann said if they decide to move forward with construction on Battle Road. then they would work with Lee and any interested parties to ensure the project has maximum benefit to the community they serve.

Hampton says she’s gotten to the point where leaving is now on the table.

“I know moving is a hassle, but if I can find a spot, it won’t be long,” she said.

News 2 did reach out to Councilmember John Rutherford, who sent us this statement:

A new fire station for the Southeast has been pursued since well before the current Council term. I have made it a priority, but have continually run into the fire department not having it high enough on their wish list. There have been existing station remodels ahead of us, though we are the first new build on the list. The mayor has not prioritized it either until recently. His office recently informed me they intend for the engineering study to be in the next Metro budget for the new station. This is the first expenditure and the first sign of actual fiscal commitment to the project. So we are probably about two years away from actually building a station.

Rutherford also told News 2 this is an issue he has discussed very openly with constituents at numerous meetings.

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He says those who live south of Culbertson Road typically pay higher homeowner insurance premiums due to the first responder response time.

Rutherford says there has been a plan for a fire station for quite some time, but the plan is just not moving fast enough.