NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Neighbors in South Nashville are relieved after helping catch a wanted felon, saying he’s continuously burglarized the neighborhood.

Shane Alderidge is now behind bars, facing more than a dozen charges including burglary, vandalism and theft of property.

At least five businesses and a home were broken into near the intersection of Nolensville Pike and Thompson Lane, with copper, generators, air conditioners and tools being stolen.

The majority of the crimes were caught on camera, with victims telling News 2 they would continuously still see the suspect walking around the area after the fact.

That’s what they were doing Tuesday when one of the victims called police.

Exclusive video shows 30-year-old Alderidge being arrested behind a home on Tanksley Avenue.

The arrest was made after Alderidge ran from police, just a few doors down from where Drew Conlee lives.

“I’m feeling a lot safer. We’ve only lived there about a month. We’ve been broken into at least three times,” he explained, saying the break-ins were all during daylight hours.

Conlee has video of a man who appears to be Alderidge attempting to break in through his doggy door before noticing cameras and taking off.

“It’s still very sketchy and sad,” he said.

Just across the way from where Alderidge was arrested sits Advanced Mechanical Contractors, a business he is accused of breaking into. The owner tells News 2 they were hit numerous times within a one week period, the Alderidge taking around $20,000 in copper and tools.

“Brazen they’ve been doing it; they hit us for a week or more and then they are out here walking around in broad daylight,” owner Jason Cornwell explained before Alderidge’s arrest.

On Tuesday morning, employees saw Alderidge near their business and called police, leading to two arrests.

“I told someone it’s literally ludicrous, like you can’t wrap your mind around it that someone wants to do that to other people and continue to do that to other people and not hide,” said Conlee.

A criminal check of Alderidge in Metro Nashville shows more than a dozen arrests dating back to 2010, with felony charges including attempted aggravated robbery and aggravated assault.

“That was very scary because we didn’t realize how dangerous he was and the record he had, and he was just hanging outside our house and there’s kids or a family with three daughters walking up and down our street everyday. It’s just kind of scary to have somebody like that outside your house everyday,” explained Conlee.

Christy Allen, who was with Alderidge Tuesday morning, was arrested on criminal impersonation and drug charges. Police said she also had outstanding warrants.

Alderidge is scheduled to be in court Tuesday for burglarizing Advanced Mechanical Contractors as well as Sunshine Laundromat on Thompson Lane. The owner of the laundromat says she also has Alderidge on camera breaking into her office during operating hours and stealing hundreds of dollars.

It was ultimately the community that helped identify Alderidge and Allen after surveillance footage of yet another business that was broken into on Nolensville Pike was posted on the 16th District Facebook page.